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We live and breath crypto

Driving financial robustness and protocol participation by employing quantitative modeling, governance delegation, and implementing privacy-enhancing technologies.
research and modeling
Research and Modeling
Risk ManagementEnhance financial resilience and safeguard against potential risks by conducting stress tests, scenarios,and sensitivity analysis and monitor protocol’s key risk indicators in real-time.
Liquidity OptimizationAnalyze the preferences and actions of market makers and ensure the attraction of liquidity.  


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Aave - Credit Risk Analysis. Part 1
Aave - Credit Risk Analysis. Part 1
The report examines the credit risk dynamics of the Aave Protocol, utilizing structural models to gauge the probability of default.
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Aave - Credit Risk Analysis. Part 2
Aave - Credit Risk Analysis. Part 2
Part 2 of the report analyzed the Aave Protocol using structural credit risk models, revealing its probability of default and potential for improved capital efficiency
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Professional Delegation
Governance DelegationUpscale governance participation by making assessments on market risk, liquidity distribution, treasury asset mix and community incentive models.
Protocol AmbassadorshipIncrease engagement by creating research content, attending core team AMAs and actively participating in the protocol’s community.
professional delegation
Web3 Development
Smart ContractsDevelop, optimize, and audit Solidity-based smart contracts to guarantee transparency, reliability, and security in financial transactions.
Privacy-Enhancing TechnologiesEmploying zk-SNARKs and FHE, we pioneers cryptographic protocols to secure and fortify data transactions across industries, ensuring unparalleled privacy and integrity.

Our team

As we are a fully remote company that unites Web 3.0 enthusiasts from all over the world, there is no need for a main office - we prefer calls, chats, and stickers.
Alex Melnichuk photo
Alex Melnichuk
Co-Founder / Head of Growth
Maria Beirak photo
Maria Beirak
Co-Founder / Head of Operations
Vitalii Havryliuk photo
Vitalii Havryliuk
Co-Founder / Head of Tech
Artem Aksonov photo
Artem Aksonov
Co-Founder / Head of Research
Elena Komlieva photo
Elena Komlieva
QA Engineer
Eugene Lepeico photo
Eugene Lepeico
Blockchain Developer
Ivan Moroz photo
Ivan Moroz
Frontend Developer
Ivan Pohybko photo
Ivan Pohybko
Frontend Developer
Maksym Oliinyk photo
Maksym Oliinyk
Quantitative Researcher
Maryna Illienok photo
Maryna Illienok
Frontend Developer
Oleksandr Severhin photo
Oleksandr Severhin
Oleksii Komliev photo
Oleksii Komliev
QA Engineer
Uliana Fuklieva photo
Uliana Fuklieva
UI/UX Designer
Vadym Panchuk photo
Vadym Panchuk
Blockchain Developer
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